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" Insist on consulting services that are
    vendor independent and have an overall
    understanding of organization processes,
    priorities and services to match the
    business’ objectives”. -Statement made
    by Rebecca Rettig of Varian Semiconductor
at the Las Vegas CM Conference.


CMPIC and CMII Certified Service Provider


The enabling tools and services required to implement CMPIC and CM methodology have been slow to evolve. As a result, many implementations are still being compromised.

The strategy driving your company, its end users' needs, and your existing tool capabilities have not been prioritized, orchestrated and aligned. Thus, the expertise, focus and teamwork required to successfully implement Configuration Management Methodology are not being readily provided.

i-Infusion is changing that:

By supplying the expertise, software, and services to enable a CM
  compliant business process infrastructure
By aligning company strategy and initiative with CM goals
By defining how success is determined
By serving as an advocate for your company, not the vendors
  supplying your IT applications

i-Infusion uses Configuration Management methodology with a specific focus on achieving and institutionalizing CM practices. I-Infusion’s Business Process Modeling solution ProcessVista is utilized for capturing and cataloging operational process information. Finally, our award winning consulting resources can help your organization understand, prioritize, improve, orchestrate and implement with confidence to achieve your goals.

i-Infusion can help. Contact us today!


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