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Process Modeling

Process Modeling defines the organizational structures, the information exchange requirements, and the business rules for the organization.

The process model must capture the current business processes, and then be able to predict the impact the changes proposed for re-engineering may have on the future. Problems often go unsolved because they are left ill-defined, or even undefined. The first step in tackling a difficult problem is to understand the problem. This means distilling the purpose to be achieved in quantitative terms.

In order to be truly transforming and successful, any kind of business re-engineering must be done within the Operational Architecture Approach (as opposed to a technical or system approach).

The operational approach provides a detailed, hierarchic description of the parameters of concern, their relative importance, and the manner in which achievement with respect to one dimension can interact with achievement with respect to another dimension.

Your Solution:

By combining operational expertise with superior partner modeling technologies, i-Infusion will efficiently model one or all of your business processes and then work with your team to understand and evaluate the model.

Your Value:

›Allows project management to 'see the forest through the trees'
›Provides executive-level understanding for initiatives
›Increases productivity through accountability
›Enables organizational control (both internal and external)
›Facilitates sourcing analysis (context vs. core)
›Strengthens an organization's supply chain proposition



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